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Top 5 Plasma Pen Treatments

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Plasma Pen treatments and get an idea why they are the most popular. The Plasma Pen is very versatile and can treat almost any area on the face and body including knees, tummy and arms.

Today there are many different types of treatments and procedures available to help enhance our beauty and make us look younger and it really is a very individual choice.

Plasma Pen has become very popular as it is non-invasive and non-surgical with very little downtime and long lasting results, with a good price point.

Upper Eyelid Lift

The upper eyelid lift has very dramatic results and can be life changing for people who suffer from sagging upper eyelids. At the outer area of the eyelid the skin can start to droop and appear heavy on the lash line making the eye look smaller.

By following the shape of the lid and applying the correct pattern to the eyelid you will immediately notice the skin tighten and lift during the plasma pen treatment. To add a little more lift I would also recommend doing a mini eyebrow lift for a more dramatic result.

The final result will be 10-12 weeks after treatment, though it is possible to have a second treatment 8 weeks after healing. That being said one treatment option achieves very dramatic results.

Panda Eye-lift

The Panda Eye-lift is on of the most effective non-surgical, non-invasive full eye treatments available. It’s a great way to treat the upper eyelids, lower eyelids and crows feet all at the same time. The results are highly effective on fine lines, wrinkles, dropping eyelids, excessive loose skin for bags under your eyes.

It’s the perfect solution for a cost effective way to more youthful skin, with results lasting 3-4 years as the skin will continue with its natural ageing process.

This procedure gets the Panda because you kind of look like one after the treatment, with a circle around the upper, lower eye as well as your crows feet.

Nasolabial Lines

Plasma Pen has great results for the treatment of Nasolabial lines, this is a notoriously difficult area to treat and many people opt for fillers to plump out the lines, this is a short term solution.

When the Nasolabial lines are treated with the plasma pen you will see and immediate lifting and tightening of the skin and this will continue to improve over the next 10-12 weeks as the collagen regenerates the skin.

Most clients are happy with one treatment, though depending on what your individual skin goals are you can have a follow up treatment 8 weeks later.

Nose Contouring

Most of us have learned how to minimise our noses with makeup, using bronzers and contours to make a more defined shape.

Who knew that you could change the shape of your nose with a plasma pen treatment? We all know that our noses continue to grow as we age so it’s great to have an option to pull that baby back into line.

This is fast becoming one of the most requested plasma pen treatments because it achieves such great results. There are a couples of different designs that can be used to shape and define the nose in different ways,

depending on what your own nose contouring goals are.

There are other benefits to having a plasma nose contouring, which include improving the skins tone and texture as well as minimising open pores.

After the treatment your nose will appear more defined, most people are happy with the results of one treatment though some opt for additional treatments to achieve their personal skin goals.

Plasma Pen Crows Feet Treatment

Crows feet is the term used to describe fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and are a common issue for both men and women. Most lines are caused by our facial expressions and the loss of collagen and elasticity to the skin as we age.

There are of course a number of treatments available for this area such as Botox and fillers but if you are wanting a longer lasting more natural treatment plasma pen may be for you.

The Plasma Pen lifts and tightens the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving the eye a more youthful appearance, with results lasting up to 3 years.


Well that is the top 5 Plasma Pen treatments I’ve performed in the last 12 months, though there are many more areas that can be treated.

I’d love to hear your feedback and what area you would choose to have treated and why? Until the next blog take care and be kind to yourself. X

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