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Plasma Pen Therapy: What Is It?

Plasma Pen the best way to achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery!

Is Plasma Pen A Good Idea

What makes Plasma Pen better when there are so many cosmetic treatments to choose from such as dermaplaning, botox, fillers, micro-needling or microdermabrasion.

While most of these are fairly non-invasive, none of them have the lasting results that occur after having a plasma pen treatment, which by the way is 2-3 years.

In this blog post we will look at some of the reasons Plasma Pen is becoming the number one treatment choice of many, who have the desire to rejuvenate their skin and rewind the ageing process. Let's start by finding out what exactly is plasma pen?

What Is Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is a break through technology in non-invasive, non-surgical skin tightening and lifting, it has the ability to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and results in dramatically improved skin.

Plasma Pen therapy doesn't directly touch the skin, a pen-like device is used to discharge a high frequency electric arc to a small area of the skin.

The hot arc creates small micro- injuries on the skin's layer, this then breaks down proteins in the skin, which encourages tissue regeneration and stimulates the fibroblasts into action, which causes tissue tightening and rejuvenation.

What Are The Benefits of Plasma Pen Therapy?

The Plasma Pen is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that may be used to treat various skin concerns. These include wrinkled or crepey skin on the face and neck especially around the eye area, where it can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as lift and tighten the skin.

The Plasma fibroblast therapy is also becoming a popular body treatment for upper arms, sagging knees and the tummy area, especially for Mum's who are looking for a non-surgical way to improve the look of their tummy after pregnancy.

This is also a great alternative to tighten skin after weight loss, many people try weight loss therapies which are perfect for loosing the pounds but don't firm the skin's appearance. Plasma Pen Gold Coast provides customized treatments, personalized to your skin goals.

What's The Procedure Like?

Depending on where you're having the procedure it may vary slightly, but the basic steps will include the following.

Cleaning the skin and applying a topical numbing cream, you will need to wait 25/30 minutes for this to take effect.

Treating the area with the Plasma Pen. The numbing cream will be removed and small arcs will be created by the pen micro-current that will make small scabs-like dots on the skin.

After the treatment a cooling gel will be applied to sooth any tingling or burning sensations (typically feels like sunburn).

I personally like to provide my client's at Plasma Pen Gold Coast with a red light therapy session straight after treatment as this helps reduce swelling and promotes the skins healing ability.

Depending on the area treat the procedure typically takes between 30-90 minutes

What Is The Recovery Process?

The final step is to inform the client of the aftercare procedure and give them a written copy, so they don't have to remember everything you say. I can't stress enough how important it is to follow the aftercare advice to achieve the best results after treatment.

You can expect small dots to scab over and fall off after about a week, body treatments such as tummy, arms or knees may be a little longer. Everyone heals differently.

Over the following weeks, your skin will appear firmer and tighter as your skin heals. Most people also notice their skin tone and texture has improved remarkably.

Most clients are happy after one treatment, while others may opt for more treatments before they see their desired results.

You Should Avoid Plasma Pen If You

· Are pregnant or breastfeeding

· If you are taking Roaccutane

· Have an infection at the treatment site

· Have an allergy to topical numbing creams

· Have a pacemaker

· Those who have a Fitzpatrick skin type 4, 5 or 6 as you are at a higher risk for hyper-pigmentation

It’s important to speak to your plasma pen consultant prior to your procedure about your overall health or any concerns you may have and to outline the most effective treatment goals.

What Are The Side Effects

As with most cosmetic procedures, there are some side effects after a plasma pen treatment and I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow the aftercare advice, if you wish to achieve the optimum results.

Immediately after the plasma pen treatment, your skin may be red and slightly swollen. This is normal and will usually subside around day three. Though you may see a slight redness for up to 14 days as the skin heals.

Carbon crusts form on the skin as the procedure is being performed and you should avoid touching these crusts post procedure. You can expect them to last around one week.

They will naturally lift off the skin as the new skin appears under your treatment area and it’s important not to pick at them during this process.

You will not look your best for a few days, though you will be happy with the results and all without having to have an invasive surgery and very little downtime.

How Much Does Plasma Pen Fibroblast Cost?

The cost of plasma pen therapy will depend on what area is being treated. For example, to treat forehead lines cost $600, while crows feet will cost $400.

Other area’s such as the tummy lift can cost $800-1200 depending on the area treated, while the price of the acne scarring treatment varies and is customized to each client.

Plasma Pen Conclusion

If you’re interested in having a plasma pen treatment, it’s important to discuss your skin goals during your consultation so you can achieve your desired results. Please remember it’s up to you to follow the aftercare advice, so you can achieve the best results after your treatment. Hopefully this has answered some of your questions and concerns regarding Plasma Pen and if this is the right treatment for you.

Plasma Pen Gold Coast offers our clients complimentary consultations for a customized treatment plan, personalized to your goals.

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Aug 31, 2021

Thank you I really enjoyed reading this article and now I know more about plasma pen, I feel confident in having a treatment done.

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